The adult brain has huge potential to be shaped by experience.  Simple intuitive practices can create new connections in the brain to improve stress, mood, attention and cognition. Nurturing the adult brain can improve relationships, work, and the struggles we all have when adulting. 


We teach you how to create brain healthy environments, relationships and practices so you and your brain can thrive.   

Adulting Brain Health Workshop

Workshop includes:​

  • Introduction to the science of brain health, how brain health supports mental health and physical health.

  • A range of practices that create new connections in the brain to promote health, relationships and thriving. 


  • Science of exercise, brain healthy foods and environmental factors that influence brain health. 



In person workshops are 4-5 hours, with lunch and breaks.

Online workshops are 3, 2 hour long sessions.





Adulting Brain Health Support


Many clients benefit from weekly, biweekly or monthly support following the Adulting Brain Health Workshop or independently of the workshop which can include: 

  • Support to create a brain healthy home and lifestyle. 

  • Practice and enhancement of brain health practices for reduction of stress or anxiety and increased relaxation.

Support can be in person, email, phone, FaceTime or Skype.