Nurture Neuroscience's approach is based on creating layers of support for families. Our work is supported by over 70 years of scientific research and evidence in neuroscience, psychology, biology, genetics and infant mental health. We support caregivers including parents, grandparents, child care professionals, teachers, therapists, doctors, doulas and infant practitioners, because everyone does their best given the tools they have. With the best tools, caregivers nurture and enrich infants to give them the lifelong daily gifts of mental health, physical health, positive relationships, success, confidence and flourishing.

1. Research and evidence based.


I call my approach, Sciencing, which is the act of doing science.  My approach to birth, pregnancy, infancy and adulting is exclusively research and evidence based.  I keep up to date with the newest research and constantly evolve my work. 

Over 50 years of research shows that responsive, respectful and emotionally connected relationships build a strong brain, a secure mind and provide children with the best start in life. This approach, which truly nurtures the developing nervous system - at the systems, cellular, molecular and genetic level- allows children to reach their full potential.  Children raised by this approach thrive and become individuals who are as healthy, successful, intelligent, confident, creative and social as they can be. 

There is no longer room for a debate over which fundamental approaches are best for the developing brain.  Research from neuroscience, psychology, biology, genetics, epidemiology and more shows us how our children succeed.  Scientists, therapists and infant health professionals know exactly what infants need to thrive as adults. We talk about it in meetings, conferences and in our published work – it is time to bring these ideas directly to families.


2. All individuals and families are unique and will apply scientific concepts in their own way. 


Every infant, parent, infant-parent relationship, infant-caregiver relationship and family dynamic is unique and I support every type of individual and family without exception in a personalized way.  I do not provide step-by-step instructions to pregnancy, birth, infancy or adulting.   Rather I educate and support with sound scientific information and help families meet personal goals to incorporate practices into their unique lives.  My goal is for parents to use science to inform their decisions and a general framework for their parenting style.

3. You are the only expert on the topic of your child.  I enhance your expertise.    


Parents have intuitive capacities and instincts to know and learn what their infants need. The parent is the only expert on Earth in regards to their child.  The science of early life experience supports an instinct driven parenting style, which frees people to be the parents they were born to be.


4. Every parent/caregiver/family does the best they can with the information and tools they have.

I will provide you with the best evidence based information and practices.  With this knowledge you will have confidence, in any situation, that your choices are building the healthiest brain possible for your children.


5. Our personal best is what our children need.

Parenting is one of life's greatest rewards as well as one of its biggest challenges.  Our children do not need us to be perfect.  If we aim to do our personal best the majority of the time, and offer repair when we don't connect, our children thrive.  We are humans, we all have our challenges and we are not perfect.  

"There is no one way to be a perfect [parent]   and a million ways to be a good one."

Jill Churchill (Adapted)