Responsive care in infancy is like a meal that can only be digested in early life.  If infants don't get it, they are starving for it the rest of their life.

We support parents, caregivers and families to wire and shape infant brains through simple intuitive enriching experiences to give babies the lifelong gifts of health, happiness and success.


Experience during infancy shapes the brain for life (see Science). Brain areas that regulate mental and physical health are like soft clay in infancy; they are easily shaped and molded by experience. After infancy, these essential brain areas become less flexible so we want to make early experience as positive as possible.  


Infancy can be overwhelming for many families. It is very common to question if you are doing the right things. We provide a clear understanding of infant brain development so you have the luxuries of confidence and peace of mind that your parenting choices are always enriching your child.       


Infancy Brain Health Workshop

Part I Science: Neurobiology of the Developing Infant Brain 

  • 5 key brain concepts to understand infant brain development.

  • 4 major factors that build lifelong mental and physical health. 

  • 3 stages of infant brain development and how to nurture neuroscience at each stage.

  • 4 parts of the emotional brain and how to nurture them.

  • Biology of infant sleep and how to nurture it.

Part II Practice: Nurture for Birth and Infancy

  • 4 key practices to nurture neuroscience at the first meeting for biological parents, in surrogacy or adoptive parents. 

  • 15 essential nurturing practices for infancy which enrich parent's brain health and build the infant brain to be as healthy as possible.  Includes: understanding infant communication, cues, temperament, infant emotions and tantrums, discipline, play, language, electronics and sleep.


Birthing person, partner, caregivers and family members are encouraged to participate in all workshops.

In person workshops are 4-5 hours, with lunch and breaks.

Online workshops are 3, 2 hour long sessions.


Group Pregnancy Brain Health Workshop is included with Birth Doula Services.




Infancy Brain Health Support


Many clients benefit from weekly, biweekly or monthly support following the Infancy Brain Health Workshop, or independently which can include:

  • Emotional and educational support.  

  • Discussion of infancy related concerns, questions and strategies.  

  • Problem solving unique infant situations including: bonding, sleep, tantrums, enrichment.


Sessions can be in person, phone, FaceTime or Skype.



Caregiver Shadowing Support

Many infants 0-3 years spend significant time with a caregiver. I encourage families to include potential caregivers in their infancy brain health workshop, however sometimes this is not possible or new caregivers are introduced after the workshop. We shadow and support your caregiver as they take care of your infant to support consistent brain healthy experiences.