Birthing People

Greer was my incredible birth doula who supported me pre and postnatally.

I have so many great things to say about Greer but one thing that is especially unique about her is her strong scientific background. As a neuroscientist who is passionate about promoting positive mental health in the womb and beyond, I found her evidence-based approach and suggestions practical, helpful and successful. During my pregnancy, she led a highly informative workshop that discussed the importance of maintaining good mental health during pregnancy and provided a number of useful strategies that I was easily able to implement.

Greer taught me how conduct meditative breathing exercise before and during my pregnancy, which not only kept myself calm during labour but also physically helped me a great deal during the actual birth. She also informed me about the value of promoting early literacy, language and communication in the womb. Every night, I would read my son a few of the same stories in the womb and when he was born, I continued with it and incredibly he responds to the familiar tales!

As an educator myself, I really respected how Greer used science and well documented studies to back up her methods. At the same time, she carries no judgement and is not dogmatic in her approach. She really works with her clients' needs, comfort levels and respects their boundaries while providing the best support she can for them.


I now have an incredible 8 month old son who is the happiest person I've ever met! He's calm, secure and content and no doubt it's due to all of Greer's support. I would definitely recommend Greer as a birth doula - she is highly qualified, sensitive and responsive.

Meeting Greer was one of the highlights of my entire pregnancy. She immediately made me feel so comfortable and was incredibly easy to talk to within minutes of our introduction. Greer took the time every appointment to share in depth information and resources on any question I could think of regarding my pregnancy or birth. She took us step by step through what I could expect in the coming months, including helping me to lay out my ideal plan of what I wanted to see happen on the big day. I quickly went from feeling nervous and unsure, to confident and supported. One highlight I will never forget was Greer walking over 40 floors through an empty hospital on Labor Day with me, pausing every few minutes to guide me through each contraction, to help my labor to progress so I could avoid being induced. She knew how important that goal was for me and despite me waking her up in the middle of the night and us walking stairs for six hours, she never left my side. The support I had from her through that time is honestly what I believed help me reach that goal. In conclusion, I would give the highest recommendations possible to Greer Kirshenbaum as a doula to anyone who wants to feel educated, supported and genuinely cared about through their pregnancy, labor, and postpartum.

In my birthing experience I wanted to feel powerful, free of fear, positive, and present in every moment. Because of Greer I was able to have that exact experience. Greer guided me and prepared me for this journey in the most gentle yet empowering way. Her knowledge, care and attention were unparalleled. I had some bumps along the way in my pregnancy and Greer was there as a shoulder, and as a well of knowledge to provide options and advice. I began having contractions at 2AM and she responded immediately to my text. She was at my door five minutes after I asked her to come over (it was about 7AM and way too early, yet she never said a word) and hung out with me and my husband all day until it was time to go to hospital around 8PM. I had the unique experience of having a nurse who was new to this profession and a doctor who had to be in two places at once (he had another patient delivering at the same exact time!). Knowing that Greer was there by my side was incredibly comforting. She massaged me, walked with me, and helped me change positions. Greer encouraged me to embrace my inner strength to bring my little baby boy in to this world. She brings so much light and love to what she does that you cannot help but feel so taken care of, free of worry and able to embrace every second. I am so incredibly grateful that I was lucky enough to have Greer as my doula throughout this journey.

Greer was incredibly supportive through our process together. She was very empowering and informed in our sessions before the baby came and after delivery she spent several hours with our family providing insight and emotional care that we could’t have managed without. It has been almost a year since the birth of our daughter and we still often refer to conversations that we had with Greer during pregnancy and we still use the resources that she had given us. We are so thrilled that Greer was a part of our journey as a family.